Our truck carries all prepackaged products just like the old school ice cream trucks that used to roam around your neighborhoods! We do our best to have options for almost everyone. Our 40+

options includes: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Rich, Gluten Heavy and Nut Encrusted Items!


Ice Cream Truck Classics

These have been option on ice cream trucks for longer than you have been alive, guaranteed! These are the tried and true. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of ice cream trucks, these Bad Larry’s are going to get you in on the ground floor level.



Let your inner child shine! These treats are sure to make or recreate your childhood memories! Many times these choices off the truck become lifelong ice cream truck choices! Choose well, you may be representing til the rest of forever!


Adulting at the Truck

Our “Rolling Cones” Truck is for everyone, Adults included! We like to make sure Mom & Dad have a delicious choices at the truck too! With brands like Dove, Magnum and Haagen Dazs, we got you covered if your inner child is napping & you feel like adulting!


Locally Made Products

Homemade Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches from our friends over at Lighthouse Keeper’s Pantry in Yarmouth Port! A giant chocolate chip brownie cut in half and stuffed with a giant scoop of delicious ice cream. Flavors rotate often and we carry limited amounts.