How Much Does Good Times Cost?

To get an accurate quote, you have to put in an inquiry. There are lots of factors that go into our pricing.

Rates start at $150 for up to an hour of service PLUS the costs of treats handed out. (Rates include driving time to, from and service time) Possible upcharges can be added for distance, time of day,

party size and additional service help.


*Our truck is at the Eastham Bayside Beaches

Summer days from 10:30am-4:30pm/5pm. 

*We CANNOT accommodate early afternoon parties in July & August (Unless parties are very close to our beach route. Pre and post season we can accommodate early afternoon event more easily )

Pick your party type!

Private or Public?

Are you hosting a celebration in your back yard or gearing up for a public event for all to attend? Please choose the appropriate form and we will get back to you with our availability and a quote!

Private Parties

You're planning a private party for you and your crew/tribe/peoples!

Whether it is a small birthday party in your backyard or you're getting married in front of hundreds at a private estate, your event is exclusive! And by that we mean not open to the public or is not on town property! If this sounds like your event, then party planners fill out on the Private Parties Inquire Here Button Below!

Public Events

You're planning a public event and you want Good Times to be a part of the excitement!

We are a Cape Cod based business, whose owner has lived here all of her life. We love our community and being a part of public celebrations! Some celebrations are a one time events and others are annual traditions. The better our understanding of your event, the better quote we can give you and better we can serve you and your guests! Please fill out the inquiry form below to the best of your ability.