Hi there! My name is Nicki and I am the Queen of Good Times Cape Cod! One fateful spring afternoon in 1999 my sister and I had a brilliant idea to become ice cream ladies. After test driving a truck and hopping a curb, we got the job! My sis only lasted a couple seasons, but my inner child was happy being an ice cream lady! I was dancing all over the place as I ate up all the ice cream I was denied as a kid! I had heard my calling! I worked for a company for 5 summers then I decided to leave the ice cream world behind and manage a restaurant... bad idea, no ice cream, no beach time, limited fun. The next season Good Times was born!

19 years later and we are still letting the Good Times Roll!

Beside being an Ice Cream Queen, I have worked in the food industry for 30+ years. From small local businesses to big corporate jobs, like Beanstock and Nauset Farms to Dunkin' Donuts and Disney World. I have a one-of-a-kind personality that was made for working with the public! I love Cape Cod and am constantly exploring the beaches and the place I call home. In my down time, I am an avid traveler, especially road tripping. (Can you tell I like to drive?!) Successfully

traveling to all 48 Lower US States in a 1978 VW before I opened Good Times. This girl does love a beach vacation too! In the off season, I've been exploring the Caribbean Islands and spreading the Good Times while I get to enjoy the other side of the beach experience for a change!


Our "Rolling Cones" truck is a classic 1973 Ford Grumman Olson Ice Cream Truck! Not a mail truck conversion or some other weird Frankenvehicle, she is the real deal! Serving Ice Cream treats here on Cape Cod for most of her life, she was originally a Dairy Maid Truck from Pocasset!!(A little village by the bridge, Capeside) I found her in 2005 in Brockton, with faded red and orange paint, steel grates on the windows and far from the beauty she is today! Over the past 19 years she has had lots of improvements and upgrades. She has a custom sparkle flake paint job, including a mural on the roof of Elvis flying through the universe eating an ice cream! She has the newest culturally appropriate ice cream music made by RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. LED Light and stereo sound system are also on board!


Good Times Cape Cod can be found at the Bayside Beaches of Eastham during the days and partying all over Cape Cod after beach hours!

You may also catch us at the Music Stroll in Harwich Port on Wednesday nights. Stay up to date on where we are, by following us on Facebook and Instagram at @goodtimescapecod  We posts beautiful scenic Cape Cod pics, a good amount of pics of our amazing customers and silly pics of us goofing around! Be part of the fun! Track us down and tag us in your pics!

Show us how you had Good Times while on Cape Cod!